“Cereal Box”
  -    -  “Cereal Box”
“Cereal Box”

Inks on paper(29×43 cm)


“Buy me to take care of you, make you feel better, judge me only for my marketing”

The cereal history and other familiar products have been spreading the idea of considering them essentials to maintain a nourished and balanced diet. Since childhood, our habits have been transformed by sugary products, and created the idea of the perfect breakfast as the only option without asking ourselves why do we repeat always the same meal?
Nowadays the massive movement of real food has started encouraging conscious consumers. The revolution starts when you read the small text in the nutrition facts. In this way, we go from being manipulated to being responsible for our actions. However, just as the consumer preferences change marketing is evolving with it. So, our work has to be constant if we don’t want to be victims and fill the trolley with empty products that steal our energy.