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Hi! I’m Laura Rubio Bañón.

I was born in heaven: Mallorca. Due to my concerns, I started walking down an introspection path where I have been able to enrich myself with the knowledge of writers, disseminators, teachers, psychologists, artists… that provided the necessary tools for the development of my essence.

My purpose in life is to share, help, connect, and express. Basically, I want to honor life doing what I have been asked to come into this world for. Simply do what I have been invited to this world to do.

After a personal and professional turning point, I had the need to be involved in my own project in which I could grow as a creator. If my point of view can contribute to the issues that have concerned me since I have use of reason I would feel as an accomplished artist.

In 2018 I graduated in Conservator and restorer on cultural heritage at the University of Barcelona (UB), complementing my training at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) and at the Technische Hochschule Köln (University of Applied Sciences in Germany.) My professional experience in this area were my internships at MACBA (Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona) and at EMR in Valencia

Upper course in Graphic design at Deusto University, 2018.

Currently, I’m studying the Upper course in psychological astrology at Cosmograma in Barcelona, 2020. By combining this knowledge and my art studies I had the opportunity to do particular classes of therapeutic art at Gold Coast, Australia, in the year 2019/20.

Also, I could grow a lot working with the artist Johanna Kunde, in Ceramics by Joanna, Deià.  Since 2013 until now I have taken part in different exhibitions and projects and currently, I’m part of the artists in the Kapla Projects Gallery.

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