Fuente is more than just a material painting.

It is a journey of personal growth that connects art, spirituality and self-awareness.

The Project was born with this mission in mind as an art experience where you are the main concept. It is an artwork created exclusively for one person, where one can observe one’s essence.
My name is Laura Rubio and I’m an emergent artist based on Mallorca. My influences have been the art culture and psychology to achieve human wellness and evolution through art.

psychological questionnaire.

A written and private questionnaire to know you better on an intellectual, emotional, and visual level.

Art skills

My artistic skills and techniques to create an exclusive art piece

Astrological psychology

The person’s individual birth chart.

Contact (optional)

Optional call, video call or face-to-face meeting.

I'll explain it to you in detail.

I accompany you throughout the experience.

Step by step.

  • Help finding a way to self-love by the creation of a unique pedestal.
  • Stimulate creativity and artistic skills. There is a change in roles between the artist and the spectator. If you receive a Fuente painting you will be able to begin and draw your own conclusion about the meaning and interpretation of your artwork.
  • Become self-aware of lights and shadows as a perfect union.
  • Be a visual reminder of empowerment.
  • Contribute to create a harmonic space reminding us to be present and disconnecting from stress.

It is aimed to people who love art, who want to explore themselves in a totally different way.

  • Fill out an assessment.
  • Voluntarily interact with the artist.
  • Lastly, observe the final result. Receive a personal letter that wraps up the experience and starts your evolution with the painting.
  • Illustrated work (according to the requested measurements)
  • Personal letter
  • Professional photographs of the artwork in digital form.

The process and method in each of the art pieces does not understand time or reality, each person sets a completely different rhythm and dynamic. It is a complete performance.


Disconnected: a global and common state.

Projecting an ego who moves away from the source.

Who am I? We have inside us an inherent interest to understand ourselves, to explore the mind, heart, and life. Although, sometimes self-exploration turns complicated for us. Making us prisoners of our mental strategies.

I want to see, praise, reinforce myself. Giving me my physical space in time … feel the source … remind me that I am enough…

Art is the connection between the divinity longs for our essence and physical life. Like nature, it is an organized and materialized chaos. It is not a coincidence that we have this healing ability. Let us use it and nourish ourselves.


My mission is to materialize something in you, entertain myself with the other, with the You. Tired of adapting to the speed and impatience of the world. fast world. I just want to serve.

And the questions arise: Do you limit the being you paint, reducing it to its evolutionary moment? Do you paint the soul? Who do you think you are? Do you paint the ego? Do you paint the vision that you have about that person? Would the drawing change throughout the person’s life?

Well these and many more are questions that arise when you enter a field full of mystery and where you feel so much respect. You think you know nothing to answer questions nor have answers to something so high. I do not pretend to have the absolute truth, nor be a teacher, nor a reference, but my soul does want to play and that is why it has opted to give itself up to art because it is the area where rules do not exist and we can play to interpret a character today and kill it tomorrow. That is what keeps the balance of being.

My experience with Fuente immersed me in an image where I found myself,. I’m able to remember my best qualities, my essence and my meaning. Besides the fact that Laura is charming, she moved me not only with the painting, which was wonderful, also with the personal letter she made for me. She has been able to immortalize my existence. It is an experience that I would like to forget about in order to do it again.

Vasilena Yankova Kostova

When I saw the painting I liked it from the very first moment. I didn’t feel it as something outside of me or as something that didn’t suit me. It resonated with me and I was very curious to know what Laura had wanted to reflect, understand or feel that it was inside me. For me something very essential is that she doesn’t label you. I say this because Laura does not have the power to define you or to make you feel what is not inside you. For me that is the beauty in it as she explains it to you. You observe the painting, you see the nuances, you put light there where you really have to put light. It gives me a new perspective. Sometimes when you look at everything from the same prism you leave many things that you do not see and through the painting there are aspects that become very evident. It was a click of clarity. Laura did it from a sensitive side, which is essential, I did not feel that anyone was invading me, it was as if they entered with great tact and without forcing anything. It is an experience in which you will not lose anything, you can only win.

Carmen Pascual

The truth is I was a little scared to see the painting the first time, because I’m not so open with my feelings and in this experience I did it. I was very surprised when I saw it and I really liked it. It has helped me a lot to believe in myself and has made me see that I can achieve many things, which I thought were almost impossible, with perseverance and effort. I recommend it without a doubt, the sensations that the painting and the letter give you, are one of a kind and hard to find

Alex Gomez Morey

My first impression when I saw the painting was surprise. I immediately loved the colors and the shapes. Even after I was overwhelmed with the first look, I didn’t see lines, nor details that I discovered shortly after and I loved them. The truth is I liked it a lot, not only for the painting itself but for the entire process. The questions on the form make you reflect on topics I wouldn’t have reflected on myself. You discover things about yourself and you realize how well your personality is captured. When you see it you feel identified and you don't even know how to express it, but you love it. Finally, the message that she has written in the letter take on all the meaning and merge with the colors to transport me to a place of peace and calm. Thank you for sharing your vision of the world.

Cristina Rubio

Laura is not only an artist technically speaking. She also has a talent to express the essence of each person, capturing their soul and psyche in a deep way and reflecting it through the painting. The words that accompany her paintings. In each of her paintings she shows a very deep sensitivity apart from being aesthetically beautiful and with wonderful colors

Esther Andreu Font

I feel that Laura has captured my essence with great beauty, sensitivity and genius. She created a painting that constantly reveals new depths about me. She produces artworks with infinite self-knowledge.

Aleix Mercadé

Last year Laura interpreted my birth chart with a beautiful huge painting, with a special light and magnificent colors. I have no words to describe the feelings it gave me when I saw it. I have it in a very special place at my home where I can see it when I wake up and before going to bed. It transmits positivity, harmony, fluidity and color to my day to day. Thank you Laura for your incredible talent and sensitivity.

Magdalena Torrens

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