Fuente #8
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Fuente #8

Acrylic on canvas (100×100 cm)



“My first impression when I saw the image was surprise. I immediately loved the colors, the shapes. Even from how much I was s overwhelmed in a first impact, I didn’t see lines, nor details that I discovered shortly after and I loved it. The truth is I liked the it a lot, not only for the painting itself but for the entire process, from the questions on the form that makes you wonder things that I wouldn’t t have asked myself. You discover things about yourself and you realize how well is your personality captured. When you see it you feel identified and you don’t even know how to express it, but you love it. Finally, the lines that she has written me in the letter take on all the meaning and merge with the colors to transport me to a place of peace and calm. Thank you for sharing your vision of the world.”