Fuente #6
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Fuente #6

Acrylic on wood (60×60 cm)



“When I saw the painting I liked it from the first moment, I didn’t feel it as something outside of me, or as something that didn’t suit me, it resonated with me and I was very curious to know what Laura had wanted to reflect to understand or feel if that it was inside me, to put light there.

For me something super essential is that it doesn’t label you, or it closes itself to visions of oneself, I say this because Laura does not have the power to define you or to make you feel what is not inside you. For me that is the beauty as she explains you and you observe the painting, you see the nuances, you put light there where you really have to put light.

It gives me a new perspective from which I had not seen myself, sometimes when you look at everything from the same prism you leave many things that you do not see and through the painting there are aspects that become very evident. It was a click of clarity. Laura did it from a sensitivity, which is essential, I did not feel that anyone was invading me, it was as if they entered with great tact and without forcing anything.

It is an experience in which you will not lose anything, you can only win”